I am inspired every day by the incredible groups who work together to tackle Cowichan’s many challenges and needs.

We give voice to a wide variety of issues, including watershed protection, child wellness, infrastructure upgrades for health and education, and First Nations’ leadership support.

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Statement on Climate Emergency

On May 1, the UK declared a climate emergency. Today, in the Legislature, I spoke about how we can begin to chart a path forward towards resilience and a healthier world.  

Question Period: Leaking Gas

In Question Period, I asked the Minister of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources how many oil and gas wells are currently leaking gas and what the plan is to resolve the issue.  

Easter reflections: Shawnigan, BC, and the need for a new vision for communities

When I’m asked about what drew me into politics, I tell the story of Easter weekend, 2013. I could never have imagined six years ago the path my life was going to take as a result of a permit issued by the provincial government.  Nor could I have imagined that what I was to learn …

Bill 21: Forest and Range Practices Amendment Act

This is my response to Bill 21, the Forest and Range Practices Amendment Act. This amendment act is an important step in the right direction. By creating more frequent opportunities for public input, communities will be able to review and comment on forestry plans. I’m pleased to rise today to speak to Bill 21, the Forest …

Question Period: Addictions Treatment Centre

in Question Period, I asked the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions if the government will commit to funding an addictions treatment centre in the Cowichan Valley. As the minister points out, there has been a response to harm reduction, but that’s not enough. Every community, including Cowichan, needs infrastructure in place to support long-term …

Tax Credits for LNG: The final reading of Bill 10

Today, the NDP Government, together with the BC Liberals, voted in favour of financial incentives in the form of tax credits to LNG Canada in the third and final reading of the Income Tax Amendment Act, 2019. As I was delivering my final speech on this bill: a survey of the information that has come to …

Tax Credits for LNG: Third Reading Speech

This is what I had hoped to say on third reading of Bill 10: Income Tax Amendment Act, 2019. However, the deputy speaker indicated that it was not allowed. I believe that this is relevant information, and that it is important for all MLAs to take into account what is happening around the world as …

Question Period: Public Inquiry into Money Laundering

In Question Period, I asked BC’s attorney general what the timeline is for the government to decide if a public inquiry is warranted. Transcript Over a year ago I asked the Attorney General for more information on the extent of money laundering happening in the province. I asked about how this illicit money was being …

My Response to Bill 10 – Income Tax Amendment Act, 2019

Bill 10 gives increased tax credits to the LNG industry. We have voted against it at every stage. It’s 2019. We have a critical choice to make: will we make decisions that take us to a safer, healthier future, or will we double down on 20th-century energy and the fossil fuel industry, that needs taxpayer …

Question Period: Campbell River Water Supply

In Question Period, I asked the Minister for Environment and Climate Change Strategy what precautions have been taken to ensure there is no risk to Campbell River’s water supply given that a landfill site located within its watershed may be allowed to accept demolition waste, construction waste, land-clearing waste and contaminated soil.  

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