My goal is to work together to strengthen Cowichan on all levels.

Motion 28: Electoral Reform
Question Period - Forestry Management
Question Period - Doctor Shortage
Question Period - Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change
Question Period - Breaking the Cycle of Child Apprehension
Environmental Assessment Act: Second Reading
Question Period: Opioid Crisis
Debate on Proportional Representation
Budget Debate 2019
Myeloma Awareness
Statement on the importance of the free press
A statement about public trust in government
Question Period - Quarry Permits
Professional Governance Act
Bill 38 - Opioid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act
Old Growth Protection
Debate on Electoral Reform
Question Period: Money Laundering Public Inquiry
Question Period: Site C and LNG Development
Statement on Sharkwater: Extinction
Introductions: Professional Reliance Stakeholders et Lisé Sacre Coeur
Statement on International Women's Day
Question Period - Species at Risk
Question Period: Fracking Report
Question Period - Pollution in the Elk Valley Watershed
Question Period: Clean Water and LNG Development
Question Period: Money Laundering Investigation
Protection of Public Participation Act.

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