My goal is to work together to strengthen Cowichan on all levels.

Response to Bill 21: Forest and Range Practices Amendment Act
Response to Labour Relations Amendment Act
Question Period: Treatment Centre in Cowichan
Statement: Women's Rights
Budget estimates: Education
Question Period: Leaking Gas
Question Period - Can we justify the continued logging of old-growth?
Introduction: Rachel McMillan
Estimates Debates: Questions about Contaminated Soil and Mine Reclamation
Statement: Canadian and BC Cancer Societies
Introduction: Tricia Datene and Sandy McPherson
Introduction: Mireta Strandberg-Salmon
Introduction: Katie Curry
Bill 10: Tax Credits for LNG - Our final speech
Question Period: Closure plans at contaminated soil site
Question for the Premier: Shawnigan Watershed
Question Period: Public Inquiry into Money Laundering
Budget 2019 Health Estimates
Introduction: Melina Suelzle
Question Period: NDP support for Shawnigan Lake Watershed
Motion 13: Conversion Therapy
Introduction: Meghan Christensen-MacDonald
Budget 2019 Estimates: Carbon Tax
Introduction: Maurits Freybe
Question Period: Soil Removal in Shawnigan Lake
Statement on climate emergency
Response to Residential Tenancy Amendment Act
Introductions: Maeve Maguire, Aldous Sperl, Stephanie Siddon

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