My goal is to work together to strengthen Cowichan on all levels.

Budget Speech 2020 - The needs of business and the individual
Throne Speech 2020 - Reconciliation and the creation of the Cowichan Watershed Board
Throne Speech 2020 - The role of communities in the forestry industry
Budget Speech 2020 - Public transit needs to be an absolute priority
Budget Speech 2020 - We need more health measures to encourage healthy food consumption
Question Period: Teck Resources and selenium pollution (2018)
Throne Speech 2020 - 83 MLAs in favour, 3 opposed
Budget Speech 2020 - We need a deliberate focus on our transportation investments
Question Period: COVID 19 response and domestic violence
Budget Speech 2020 - MCFD Funding
Throne Speech 2020 - We need to change the story
Budget Speech 2020 - The risk of LNG
Budget Speech 2020 - The BC Green Caucus roles within the Legislature
Budget Speech 2020 - Budgets are about priorities and trade-offs
Question Period: COVID 19 response plan for homeless population
Statement: International Women's Day (IWD) 2020
Throne Speech 2020 - Child apprehension
Question Period: Victoria Sexual Assault Clinic
Budget Speech 2020 - We need to invest in our communities
Budget Speech 2020 - GDP does not give a true picture of the health of our economy or society
Throne Speech 2020 - B.C. Green Caucus policy achievements
Question Period: Sexual Assault Support
Budget Speech 2020 - Investments in early childhood education
A statement about Tricia Datené
Throne Speech 2020 - Revitalizing the forestry industry
Budget Speech 2020 - A green economy is a central component of a thriving 21st century economy
Throne Speech 2020 - Bill 10 was the wrong choice for our province
Throne Speech 2020 - Transitioning to a carbon neutral world

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