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There have been at least three iterations of a closure plan for the contaminated landfill in the Shawnigan drinking watershed: two in 2017 and one just a few months ago.
The company that was hired to complete the original and updated closure plans has not been paid for their work.
To remedy this, there has been a convenient change to the most recent closure plan. Now the plan is to import an *additional 70,000 tonnes* of soil to the site in order to generate the revenue to pay the company that provided the design for the closure plans.
To be clear, there is no need for this additional soil as there is currently 100,000 tonnes of soil that our community was repeatedly and explicitly told was intended for remediation on this site.
It appears that we have a situation where a company has devised a new closure plan so they can eventually get paid. My question is to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy: Does the minister see a conflict of interest in this situation


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