Let’s focus on creating resilient communities.

Question Period: Transitioning to a low-carbon economy

Yesterday, in Question Period, I asked the Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources what concrete measures is your ministry taking to ensure that B.C. is embracing transformation while rapidly transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Question Period: Money Laundering

Today in Question Period I asked the Attorney General about the shocking revelations around the connections between fentanyl,  Vancouver Real Estate, and money laundering.  BC has a long way to go to restore its reputation and public trust, and I hope to see bold and...

Question Period: Mount Polley

My question last Thursday was for the Minister of Environment: Given the documented pattern of non-compliance at Mount Polley mine and the disastrous impacts of the tailings breach, can the minister explain why the B.C. government has chosen not to pursue charges in...

Question on marine environment protection

Yesterday, I asked the Minister of Environment what the government is going to do to protect our waterways and our marine environment, especially in light of Tavish Campbell’s video footage of the effluent from fish farms being discharged into the...

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