I believe everybody wins when we empower them to participate in the decisions that affect them.

Our mission is to work collaboratively in the Cowichan Valley and in the Provincial Legislature to create a vision for the future that everyone can get behind.

Sonia on the issues

Response to the Speech from the Throne 2022

In their 2022 Throne Speech, this government presented a picture of our reality that is inconsistent with the experiences of most British Columbians. I argue that to build and maintain trust, we must be committed...

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Statement: Climate Change and Grief

Transcript: The flooding that has devastated communities, destroyed infrastructure, taken lives and added ever-more uncertainty and unpredictability is absolutely a result of climate change. Today it is flooding. At...

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Response to the Speech from the Throne 2021

Today, I rose to speak to the Government's Speech from the Throne. British Columbia is facing numerous crises simultaneously: the COVID-19 pandemic, a housing crisis, a toxic drug crisis, and the climate crisis. A...

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