I believe everybody wins when we empower them to participate in the decisions that affect them.

Our mission is to work collaboratively in the Cowichan Valley and in the Provincial Legislature to create a vision for the future that everyone can get behind.

Sonia on the issues

My Statement on International Women’s Day 2019

I made a statement in the Legislature in honour of International Women’s Day tomorrow. As women we must not accept that it is enough to succeed in a man’s world. It’s time for us to rewrite the rules: our collective goal should be transformation to a world where...

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Question Period: Fracking Report

The Vancouver Sun printed an article stating that B.C. doesn't know what it needs to know about the environmental, seismic and other risks of fracking. This revelation comes from a draft copy of a 200-page technical report that was leaked to the Times Colonist last...

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Question Period: Public Inquiry

In Question Period, I asked Minister Eby if he would launch a public inquiry into money laundering in British Columbia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnXRn6mbCYc&feature=youtu.be

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Response to Budget 2019

Transcript S. Furstenau: Thank you, hon. Speaker, and thank you to Cariboo North for understanding. I had to wait for moving people out of my realm here. I actually want to start by acknowledging that we just had a group of...

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Question Period: Opioid Crisis

In Question Period, I asked the attorney general what his ministry is doing to examine the connections between money laundering and the public health emergency that has gripped our province for years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOYrT9fBzs0

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A statement about public trust in government

I gave a statement about the importance of public trust in government, inspired in part by Greta Thunberg's tweet earlier this week. She said that it was annoying to hear older people say that her generation symbolizes hope, to which she responded, "I think that it...

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Question Period: Money Laundering Investigation

In Question Period, I asked the Attorney General if there have been investigations into the integrity of information-sharing between the RCMP and the BC government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cPhm-YEu5w

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