I believe everybody wins when we empower them to participate in the decisions that affect them.

Our mission is to work collaboratively in the Cowichan Valley and in the Provincial Legislature to create a vision for the future that everyone can get behind.

Sonia on the issues

Question Period: Incentives for LNG

In Question Period, I asked the Minister of Finance about a recent order in council that had been published, with new details about a financing agreement between government and LNG Canada. I asked what percent of the carbon tax above $30 a tonne LNG Canada will get...

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Question Period: Social Worker Educational Requirements

In Question Period, I asked the Minister of Children and Family Development about the educational requirements for social workers in her ministry. I noted concerns raised by the BCGEU and BC Association of Social Workers, who both recognize the complex nature of child...

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Bill 45: Taxation on Vaping

The government introduced a ten-point plan to address the issue of youth vaping, including Bill 45, which increases the tax rates on vaping products. I commend the NDP government and the BC Liberals in their support of this bill. I am glad that we're approaching this...

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Question Period: Endangered Species Legislation

In Question Period, I asked the ministers of FLNRORD and Environment what they were doing to protect the whitebark pine. Forty-two percent of the global population of this species lives in B.C., but since the species was listed as endangered, more than 19,000 cubic...

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Election Amendment Act

I am pleased to support this bill, the Election Amendment Act, specifically the registration of voters at 16 years old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O2umeHguOA Transcript S. Furstenau: I am pleased to rise today to speak in support of Bill 43, the Election...

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Climate Change Accountability Amendment Act

This bill, the Climate Change Accountability Amendment Act, is about basic good governance. It says that governments should follow the law. Governments should ensure every industry operates in accordance with the law and government should report back to British...

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Question Period: Water Quality in Shawnigan Lake

Today in Question Period, I asked the Minister of Health if the Provincial Health Officer has investigated the source of increased lead levels in drinking water along Stebbings Road and Goldstream Heights Road, and whether his ministry will take action to identify...

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Introduction: Fostering Change

It was a pleasure to introduce youth from Fostering Change, who are advocating for comprehensive agreements for young adults who were in the foster care system. I was moved by their request to be lifted up in the same way their peers are lifted up by their parents...

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Question Period: Climate Risk Assessment Report

Today in Question Period I asked the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy why the NDP government did not communicate the contents of a climate risk assessment report that was released this past summer, and how his ministry is working with FLNRORD...

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Question Period: Shawnigan Soil Dump Closure Plan

Today, I asked the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy how many of the conditions in the closure plan have been met, and if the minister has any expectation that the work would be completed by his deadline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yn5Do1y-hs...

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Question Period: Shawnigan Soil Removal

Today in Question Period, I asked the Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources if the company responded to the order that her ministry issued, and if the soil been removed from the site, as ordered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1VgQJJmO3k Hansard...

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